Agar io could be a nice game straightforward} to play. several players who like unblocked io games additionally like this game terribly much. compete on a playground with a blob, agar io has simple rules. every player ought to grasp okay that solely massive blobs can eat smaller ones. so that they should watch out concerning larger blobs as they will be devoured. It may be necessary to separate a blob into 2 items to provide bigger blobs some piece to eat. they will also hide in viruses to not be eaten by big blobs. do that fantastic game and have fun!
Being one of the greatest unblocked io games, agar io is a fun game and it is liked by most players. The game is simple to play. You control a blob and try to make it bigger by eating pellets. While it gets bigger, you can also eat smaller blobs, but not the bigger ones. You need to stay away from big blobs not to be eaten by them. Meanwhile, you can split your blob into two pieces to give them some piece to eat. There are also viruses in the game. You can feed them to attack bigger blobs.

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