Purist Thunderwrath The Omniknight Guide & Walkthrought

Purist Thunderwrath The Omniknight Guide & Walkthrought

A former member of the Order of the Silver Hand, Purist has joined the Sentinel to avenge the death of the Order’s leader, Uther the Lightbringer. Trained by Uther himself in the ways of the Paladin, Purist brings the power of the Holy Light to the battlefield. He can purify the souls of allies, harming any nearby Scourge in the process. Able to protect allies from harmful unholy magic, the mere presence of a man of the Holy Light atrophies any nearby enemies. In times of dire need, Purist can call upon God himself to protect him and his allies.

Base HP: 530
Base Mana: 221

Strength – 20 + 2.65 (Primary)
Agility – 15 + 1.75
Intelligence– 17 + 1.8

Base damage 51-61
Attack range of 100 (melee)
Base Armor 4.1
Movement speed of 300

Skill Descriptions

Purification (R)

Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all enemy units 300 AoE within the target.

Level 1 – Heals/ damages for 90 hit points.
Level 2 – Heals/ damages for 180 hit points.
Level 3 – Heals/ damages for 270 hit points.
Level 4 – Heals/ damages for 360 hit points.
Mana Cost: 100/ 120/ 140/ 160
Cooldown: 12

This skill will heal you and the same time damage enemies nearby unit. Will help you greatly in the early game, but in the mid and late game this skill will less usefull.The way you have to use this spell is waiting for at least until your or an ally’s HP drops to a level that if you healed, the target won’t have full health pool. The only occiasion when you should be healing someone to full health is when you are harassing an enemy and especially if you can score a frag with Purification. If you need to farm, then you can use this skill for killing the ranged creeps instantly and damaging the melee ones heavily. But otherwise you should not be using it for farming, last hits will be enough if you can learn how to time it well.

Repel (E)

Creates a powerful divine ward that grants partial magic immunity from affecting a target unit.

Level 1 – Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 – Lasts 10 seconds.
Level 3 – Lasts 15 seconds.
Level 4 – Lasts 20 seconds.
Mana Cost: 60/ 70/ 80/ 90
Cooldown: 20

This skill is just like a free BKB. When you cast it on a hero, it will remove most of the casted buffs, doesn’t matter if they are negative or positive ones. Most of the target spells won’t work on the repeled unit and spell damage are fully negated. This skill is fit perfectly when you have a channeling spell heroes (Sandking, Crystal Maiden).

Degen Aura (U)

Greatly degenerates the movement capabilities of units that stray within 300 AoE.

Level 1 – Reduces movement speed by 7%.
Level 2 – Reduces movement speed by 14%.
Level 3 – Reduces movement speed by 21%.
Level 4 – Reduces movement speed by 28%.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

This passive skill is both an offensive and defensive ability. It will save your ass when some melee hero after you or when you want to block enemy heroes reaching your allies. It also will help out so well in chasing enemies. Using animation canceling is very important or else you might be slowed down so that you can’t follow your target to keep the slow aura effect.

Guardian Angel (G)

Grants all friendly units within 1000 AoE 1000 armor and 25 HP/ second regeneration.

Level 1 – Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 – Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 3 – Lasts 9 seconds.
Mana Cost: 125/ 175/ 250
Cooldown: 150

Skill that gives 98% physical damage reduction and a 25 HP/sec regeneration with 1000 AoE. Repel removes Guardian Angel from target (!) It will be used in team fights when you jump on your enemies. Don’t waste this spell, wait patiently for the perfect time.


Level 01 – Purification
Level 02 – Degen Aura/Repel
Level 03 – Purification
Level 04 – Degen Aura/Repel
Level 05 – Purification
Level 06 – Guardian Angel
Level 07 – Purification
Level 08 – Degen Aura
Level 09 – Repel/Degen Aura
Level 10 – Repel/Degen Aura
Level 11 – Guardian Angel
Level 12 – Degen Aura
Level 13 – Repel
Level 14 – Repel
Level 15 – Attribute Bonus
Level 16 – Guardian Angel
17 to 25 – Attribute Bonus

This skill build is commonly met in many games, because there’s not much variation on his skill build. Purification is maxed first for obvious reason – it’s a heal and your only damaging spell. The skill after Purification is depends on the enemies. If you’re laning against nukers/combo heroes or heroes with damage over time spells, get one level of Repel early. Will help you stop consecutive stun and early death. Another situation would be when laning agianst Viper, Repel prevents orbwalking and nullifies the damage and the slow of Viper Strike when cast after it. If you’re facing Venomancer, you will need 10 seconds duration of repel to nullifies his ulti. So the choice is up to you. Guardian Angel should be taken whenever available, it may always save your or your allies when ganked or when diving a tower.

Item Builds

The Omniknight is being played in several different ways. The way you are playing him depends on your line-up and match-up, and of course the level of the game. But, basically what we think is that Omniknight is a support hero, that can become a hybrid in many ways. Give him some mana regeneration and then do whatever you want to do and needs to be done to him. If your team lacks a tank, then buy a Heart. If your team fails horribly at carrying and you have the possibility of buying a Radiance, then buy it. Adapt with the games.

1. Ring of Protection + Clarities or Chicken + Ring of Protection + Clarities
2. Energy Booster
3. Finish Arcane Ring
4. Bracers
5. Boots of Speed
6. Belt of Giant Strength
7. Staff of Wizardry
6. Finish Necronomicon
7. Finish Boots of Travel

Your core item should be like this :

Purist is need some form of mana regeneration since he is a STR hero with 3 active spells. You won’t be spamming your spells, but when there’s a big battle, you will spend a lot of mana in a considerably short time. Arcane Ring is made for you perfectly. TP scrolls is a must until you buy Boots of Travel. Power Treads seem like a better choice, but since you will be supporting BoT is suit you better. Movement speed is much more needed for you than attack speed. Bracers will needed when you are having trouble in surviving.

Necronomicon is a really great item on this hero. The MS aura that one of the demons give will allow you to chase more efficiently, the mana burn gives you high boost on damage as you will not be attacking too frequently. The attribute bonuses are both needed, a little STR and a nice amount of INT. Especially if no one else is heading for this item you are to be getting it as a Necronomicon 3 will allow you to destroy wards, detect mines and invisible heroes. Radiance will allows you to farm neutrals fast and speed-farm in lanes, so it becomes harder to catch you. In case you can farm up the 3800 golds early on, this will be a great addition to your inventory. Grab this items only when you are facing not-so-hard enemies and can farm greatly.

Optional Items

Heart of Tarrasque is a great item for Purist Thunderwrath when you are need to be a tank of your team. Also if there are no better heroes to cast Repel on, and it’s you who get the benefits of magic immunity, then you need to be able to tank physical damage. Eye of Skadi is a great items, as the slow, the mana and health pool, everything is good for him. But since it highly cost you, buy this on fun game only. Assault Cuirass will boost your attack speed. With Repel on and an AC in your inventory you are basically unkillable. When you are low on health, then you just use Guardian Angel and there’s no problem at all. After the core builds are complished and either there are no magical threats or you are a better repel-user than your allies, buy this item. Hood of Defiance is needed when you’re facing a lot of nuker and you need to cast Repel on your carry hero. Sange & Yasha is not a bad item on this hero, it’s easy to farm up and you benefit from everything this item gives to you. The only problem is, that you can always find better alternatives. Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse is used to be a very much liked item on the Omniknight. It was gotten on this hero because he needed some form of mana regeneration and manapool. The Cyclone and then the Hex abilities are really useful. The only problem is, that both Arcane Ring and Bottle are thousand times better to fix your mana problems and a Necronomicon suits this hero much more (giving STR, MS/AS auras, manaburn).


Purist is a rather weak soloer, although against melee heroes he does really fine as he can adapt to any circumstances. However in organized games you will see him paired up with a ranged hero, who has a nuke, a stun or a slow at least, which will allow you to take the lane control. If you face troubles, you can always use Purification and Repel. Use the offensive Purification only when you take the lane control.

Omni isn’t that good at soloing unless put against a melee hero. Ranged heroes are probably going to out-micro you and won’t allow you to get any last hits/creep denies. Try to play conservatively against them and go in only for the last hits or when he is over-confident and makes a big mistake try to damage him with Purification. Against melee heroes you are going to max Degen Aura before putting points on Repel, as it allows you to harass the hell out of them and maybe score a kill. Heroes like Nerubian Assassin will be really harmful for you. Spam all your spells before he does much harm to you. Against Ogre Magi you might want to get Repel, because a hero might come over to help him and that will hurt you. Against many dual and especially tri-lanes, get 2 points on Repel, too. This all depends on wether you’ll be nuked/disabled or not. You have to be observant.

When you see someone trying to gank you, or a spell is heading towards you, then immediately put Repel on yourself. After that run back to your tower and if needed, then heal. If you fail to cast Repel in time, cast Purification first, then Repel and then Guardian Angel. If you managed to cast Repel in time, but their physical damage is so hurting you, then cast Guardian Angel this case as well. If you don’t have Repel, then try to juke you and/or ask for you ally’s help. Try to calculate wether a guardian Angle will be in need or not and cast it in case it is needed. Try to get your Arcane Ring early, when you got it, it will be really boost to you. You can heal without worrying the mana. When you already have it, try to use Purification to help you farming by using it near creeps or neutrals. Just hit all of them as much as to getting them instantly killed by a single Purifitcation. This way you won’t lose HP and you will clear a whole creep spawn.

After getting the Necro, you will be more agile and your damage output increase. Even so, don’t try to be hero. Purist is a lot better act as a support hero. Leave the hero kills for Motred or Trolls. When your team starting to push, stay aware of the situation and cast Repel on your carry hero if you get ganked. Use Guardian Angel wisely, to turn the tides of the battle. Don’t use it too early, it will make your opponent retreat until your Angel vanished. And the most important thing, don’t wait until your friends die, or even you! When trying to defend an outer tower, you will need to stay behind the tower and waiting for the best opportunity to initiate. If you have no problem keeping your carry hero or ulti-channeler repeled, then don’t hesitate using it every time it cools down. With your repel, Crystal Maiden can cast her ulti’s without afraid being canceled. Heal the wounded hero and at the same time damages the enemy who hit them sometimes can turn the tide too. Final words, Purist is maybe the best support hero in Dota ever!

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