Goblin Clockwerk Guide & Build – Rattletrap | Dota-Allstars 6.53 New Hero

Rattletrap the Goblin Clockwerk Guide & Build, Dota-Allstars 6.53 New Hero. This new heroes is somewhat fun to use. I will give you some general overview of him.

Rattletrap – The Clockwerk Goblin
Range: 125 | | Move Speed: 310 | Primary: STR
Str: 24 + 2.9 | Agi: 13 + 1.2 | Int: 17 + 1.7
Damage: 49 – 51 | HP: 606 | Mana: 221
HP Regen: 0.97 | Mana Regen: 0.69
Attack Speed: 1.48 (+ 13% IAS) | Armor: 4.8

Here are his skills:

Here is a recommended skill build/guide i found for Rattletrap – The Goblin Clockwerk. But since the hero still fresh from the oven, i believe this will be changed.

1) Battery Assault
2) Power Cog
3) Battery Assault
4) Rocket Flare
5) Battery Assault
6) Hookshot
7) Battery Assault (Max)
8) Rocket Flare
9) Rocket Flare
10) Rocket Flare (Max)
11) Hookshot
12) Power Cog
13) Power Cog
14) Power Cog
15) Stats
16) Hookshot (Max)
17) Stats
18) Stats
19) Stats
20) Stats
21) Stats
22) Stats
23) Stats
24) Stats
25) Stats

Get Battery first, it’s an amazing AoE killer when used properly. Max it first.
Get one level of cage next to trap your opponent and then use battery for an easy first blood if possible.
Get Missle after one level of cage and max it, this is your ‘normal nuke’. Max it.
Max cage after Missle, it will keep them close to your Battery longer.

Core Item Build:

1) Bracer(s) OR Vanguard
2) Strength Treads
3) Void(If Going Linkens) OR Bottle
4) TP scrolls (Buy as needed)

Luxury Items:
1) Radiance: Adds AoE Damage for a better battery assault.
2) SnY: Adds Health, Attack Speed, Speed, and Damage for better overall stats.
3) Shiva’s Guard: Slow the enemy, add some EHP, and get some more mana.
4) Linken’s Sphere: Blocks a disable while charging the enemy and get some more health and mana as well as mana regen.
5) Heart of Tarrasque: More Health, More Damage, More Tankability.
6) Assault Cuirass: More Tankability, More Support, More DPS.


Early game I’d grab two circlets and some tangos if your going bracers, or a stout and some tangos if you’re going Vanguard.

I make Bracers or Vanguard first to get a quick health boost as I like diving into enemies (or hookshotting into them) to pull off my combos. Next, I grab boots for the obvious reasons, your speed will be 360 afterwards. That’s pretty good.

Next I grab some mana regen because you’re starting to gank and don’t want to be waiting for any mana. Whatever you want for mana regen is fine, you don’t need too much of it so a Bottle or Void usually covers it. Get the Void if you plan on making a Linkens.

Now we’re getting into the luxury items. Pretty much take whatever fits your situation and desires.

If you’re going Radiance, get it now because it loses it’s effectiveness over time.
If you go Radiance, I suggest grabbing one of the health giving items after as everyone will probably focus you even more now.

In place of Radiance you could grab Linkens for the spellblock, mana regen, and health. If you’re taking this route be sure to take a Void Stone earlier.

SnY is good for some more health and chasing down enemies. If you’re having trouble getting gold it may be easier to get than the others as it comes in small pieces.

After grabbing a health item as a luxury item first, Shiva’s Guard or Assault Cuiriass would be a good choice for becoming a tanking initiator.
Shiva’s slows down attackers as well as provides you with more EHP through armor and it’s AoE damaging slow is always a nice addition. Assault Cuiriass increases your attack speed and EHP as well as increasing the damage done by all of your team.


Trap Rattling

Get close to your victim, activate your battery, then activate your cage. When the cage runs out, keep running next to your enemy, and if possible step in front, hit them, and continue chasing until you get in front, then repeat.

Trap, Rattle, Blast!

Do some Trap Rattling, but missle your own cage while you’re in it with your victim for added damage.

Hook, Line, Sinker.
Hook yourself to your victim, activate battery, wait until the stun ends, run alongside your enemy (if they moved), cage, missle the cage. This is your ultimate combo.

Early Game:
Try to get Sentinel Bot or Scourge Top and a disabling lane partner for early game. If you happen to be against their solo then at level 2 have your ally disable them, get behind them and pull off a Trap Rattle from the strategies above. This should net you first blood. Afterwards, stay in your lane to gather last hits and some experience. Don’t be afraid to gank once you have a bracer and boots as your abilities are very powerful early.

Mid Game:
This is your time to shine. Gank using the Hook Line, and Sinker combo above whenever you see a hero alone in their lane. Be sure to participate in any team battles and help your allies if they are in trouble. You should complete your core items except for radiance during early and mid game.

Late Game:
Late game becomes more about team battles. Let someone else initiate unless you have a heart, then hookshot a low health target and perform the Hook, Line, Sinker, strategy. Late game you should get a radiance to improve your damage during this or a heart to allow you to better withstand punishment during this.

This skill build is taken from DotaPortal. I hope this can help you and i will like to hear your experience with Rattletrap the Goblin Clockwerk 🙂

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