Darkterror the Faceless Void Guide & Walkthrought

They say he was once human, but his background is shrouded in darkness, even to himself. What we know is that he was thrown into the Void between worlds and has emerged with the power of manipulating time. He can freeze his enemies in time and avoid hits by traveling a split-second back in time, right before receiving the blow. He can briefly rip apart the fabric of space-time to freeze both allies and opponents around him, yet remain free himself to act. It is rumored that he can instantly strike any man in a legion of soldiers, but nobody sees him move…

Faceless Void

Base HP: 473
Base Mana: 195

Strength – 17 + 2.2
Agility – 21 + 2.65 (Primary)
Intelligence – 15 + 1.5

Base damage 58-64
Attack range of 128 (melee)
Base Armor 4
Movement speed of 300

Strengths and Weaknesses

Mediocre AGI gain for AGI hero
Low starting HP and melee range
Fragile early game
As with all melee heroes, prone to disable-lock

Nice STR gain for an AGI Hero.
His Ulti’s means sure kill if you do it correctly
Has one of the greatest passive skill named Backtrack (25% chance deflect damage)
Has very synergize skills

Skill Descriptions

Time Walk


Quickly moves to a target location and slows the movement and attack of all units at the end of its path for 3 seconds.

Level 1 – 700 cast range. 10% slow. 120 Mana.
Level 2 – 900 cast range. 20% slow. 120 Mana.
Level 3 – 1100 cast range. 30% slow. 120 Mana.
Level 4 – 1300 cast range. 40% slow. 120 Mana.

Cooldown: 13 seconds

This skill is pretty much like Blink, has 3 uses, Initate, Escape, Chase. But you must note, that this skill has a difference from Blink. When you pointing this skill into a spot, he will walk until his cast range is enough. Unlike Blink that immediately blink away into your point direction. This is important, because if you point a spot outside your cast range, you will walk until you get into your cast range. Therefore, in that period you will be vulnerable to enemy attack. AoE Slow is about 200, which will very usefull to chase fleeing hero.

Back Track


Whenever damage is received, Faceless Void moves a moment back in time to try to dodge that damage. Can backtrack both physical and magical attacks.

Level 1 – 10% chance.
Level 2 – 15% chance.
Level 3 – 20% chance.
Level 4 – 25% chance

The Best Evasion skill in the game. With this skill you have a 25% chance to avoid any damage in the game. This will stack with Butterfly Evasion because Backtrack is actually different from evasion skill. You will make Lina crying when her Laguna Blade doesn’t do any harm thanks to your backtrack.

Time Lock

Time Lock

Gives a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and lock a unit in time for 1 second.

Level 1 – 10% chance per attack.
Level 2 – 15% chance per attack.
Level 3 – 20% chance per attack.
Level 4 – 25% chance per attack.


This skill is very nice to have. By 25% chance stun per attack, it is synergize very well with Darkterror other skills.



Faceless Void creates a rip in spacetime causing all units in that area to become trapped for its duration. Faceless Void has a mysterious connection with spacetime that causes him to be unaffected by the sphere. Casting range increases per level.

Level 1 – 3 Seconds. 175 Mana.
Level 2 – 4 Seconds. 225 Mana
Level 3 – 5 Seconds. 250 Mana

Cooldown: 165 seconds

Creates a huge sphere that stop everything (allies, towers, creeps and obviously enemys) except you. You can be Hooked, Vaccumed (Dark Seer and Magnataur) and Swaped out of the Chronosphere. Won’t freeze things like Pulse Nova, Chain Frost, Eclipse, Exorsism and Omnislash after they have been cast. The most important thing you must remember when you are using this is your ALLIES is also get caught. You can kill your fleeing allies when you use this skill in the wrong time. So, timing will be very important when you are using this skills.

Skill Build

Level 1- Time Walk
Level 2- Back Track
Level 3- Back Track
Level 4- Time Lock
Level 5- Back Track
Level 6- Chronosphere
Level 7- Back track
Level 8- Time Lock
Level 9- Time Lock
Level 10- Time Lock
Level 11- Chronoshpere
Level 12- Time Walk
Level 13- Time Walk
Level 14- Time Walk
Level 15- Stats
Level 16- Chronosphere
Level 17-25- Stats

We get Time Walk in the first level because it can be used for escaping early gangbang. Back Track early game will help your fragility for last-hitting and denying. It will also helps you neutral creep a lot better and tower-dive. Chronosphere is taken early, because it will be additional skill that can save you from sudden gangbang. Furthermore, if your enemies are careless, this skill will help you to get an early frag.

Item Build

1. Circlet and Tangos
2. Bracers + Mask of Death
3. Boots of Speed
4. Finish Mask of Madness
5. Belt of Giant Strength
6. Glove of Haste
7. Finish Power Treads
8. Monkey King Bar

Your core items should be like this:

Mask of Madness Bracers Power Treads Monkey King Bar

Late Game Items

The Butterfly or Black King Bar + Assault Cuirass + Heart of Tarrasque

If your games is long enough, you can grab butterfly for an additional evasion and give you more survivability. Or if your enemies have more than 3 nuker or disabler, Black King Bar will be synergizes greatly with your backtrack. Assault cuirass will give you even more destructive power inside your Chronos. The -5 armor aura and the attack speed boost will help you killing your target faster. Lastly, grab your HoT if your teams lack of tanker and all of your enemies focusing on you.


Early game is the most important part, if you don’t get a good early game, you will suffer later on. That means if you can’t last-hit anything, get harassed like hell and/or get first blooded, you will get trouble in the late game. Get your Tangoes and Circlets and go to Bottom Lane if on Sentinel or Top Lane on Scourge. Its advised that your go with a teamate, a ranged ally who has great lane control and can breast feed you while you last-hit delivers the best outcomes.

Don’t attempt at a first blood, let your teamate harass while you farm happily. By all means if the opportunity is starring at you in the face then take it, play aggressively but not greedily.
If the creeps are too far on the opponents side then go and neutral some creeps and let your ally get some last-hits. Neutral creeping is advised at about lvl6, or at least thats when I don’t have much trouble with them.

Now by Mid Game you should already have your Bracers, Treads and MoM. This is where you can stop pushing and start neutraling like crazy, which means youll have to ask your allies to get wards for you. If theres a big team push you can go there to maybe get a lucky kill. Once you’ve got your MoM, you can push and neutral a lot better because of the MoM buff (75 IAS) and lifesteal.

You should now be trying to single out weak and fragile heros to feed on (Sniper comes to mind) so you can get your Monkey King Bar as fast as you can. If your Chrono is on cooldown, then just neutral but once you’ve got your Chrono, try to kill. Don’t neutral farm the whole game like I used to do, dont be afraid to kill heros and participate in ganks after you’ve got your MoM.

You should have your Monkey King Bar and can solo most hero easily. Own anything you see, neutral, push hard and participate in team ganks and pushes. Play aggressively, but don’t be a fool. You are now a force to be reckoned with and everyone should be scared of you and will try to gank the hell outta you, watch the mini-map and don’t stay in one lane for too long. Push one side, whack the tower a little bit and then retreat to neutrals. Neutral everywhere on your territory and then go back to pushing, its an effective strategy.

Don’t be afraid to initiate full life heros (even tanks) since you can most likely kill them. Don’t under estimate yourself, that’s a big mistake and could make you ended up with almost no kills and keep your potential burden.

In the late game war, use your chronos wisely! You can kill almost all of your friend if you miss-use Chronos. With all of your friends trapped by your chrono and a WTF Razor and Troll coming out, your 99% chance of victory will be gone with your Chronos into dust..

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