Troll Guide & Build – Jah’rakal the Troll Warlord Strategy

Troll Guide, Jah’rakal Guide and Strategy, Troll Warlord Guide. Troll Warlord is one of the scariest hero if he got his items and played well. This post is contains Jah’rakal the Troll Warlord guide, item build, skill build and strategy which hopefully will help you reach the maximum potential of this hero.

Jah’rakal – Troll Warlord
Range: 500 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: AGI
Str: 17 + 2.2 | Agi: 21 + 2.75 | Int: 13 + 1.0
Damage: 38-56 | HP: 473 | Mana: 169
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.53
Attack Speed: 0.71 | Armor: 2

When the Sentinel first gathered their forces, The Troll Warriors were considered primitive and unreliable. Their pride wounded, many refused to join, some even considering siding with the Scourge. Only a hotheaded youngWarlord called Jah’rakal joined the Sentinel . Known as “Blinding Axe” in troll tongue, both for the blinding speed of his axes and his trademark blind technique, his unstoppable rampages have already made him a legend among his Allies. However Jah’rakal fights not forthe Sentinel, or even to defend the Ancients, but to show Elves, Men, Orcs and anyone else that trolls are the best fighters in the world.

Berserker Rage (G)

Jah`rakal goes berserk, using his throwing axes as a melee weapon. He gains bonus damage, hit points, armor, and the Bash ability, but can only attack at melee range.

Level 1 – 5% chance to deal 25 bonus damage and stun.
Level 2 – 5% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun.
Level 3 – 10% chance to deal 25 bonus damage and stun.
Level 4 – 10% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun.

• When Jah’rakal goes into melee mode he gets the following bonuses: +20 Movement Speed (+30 at level 4 of the skill), +15 damage, reduces his base attack time to 1.55, the Bash ability (2 seconds stun) and 100 extra HP.
• Damage type: magical
• Jah’rakal only gets this skill when he is in melee form.
• The stun goes through magic immunity.
• Does not stack with Cranium Basher.

Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0

This skill is one unique to this hero. It enables him to switch to either a meelee or ranged hero. This versatility is a key point to this hero. Like almost all agi heroes, troll has a small health pool, having a range attack would allow him to creep and harass successfully without getting hit too much. When this skill reaches lvl 4, it would be a great chasing skill with its’ movespeed boost. It also gives him extra hp and damage.

Blind (D)

A searing light blinds the vision of a target enemy unit, making it miss on some attacks.

Level 1 – Misses on 20% of attacks.
Level 2 – Misses on 28% of attacks.
Level 3 – Misses on 36% of attacks.
Level 4 – Misses on 44% of attacks.

• Casting range: 700
• Duration: 15

Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown: 15/12/9/6

This skill is rarely used in many games. One reason is that when it reaches late-game, troll would be a perma-bash hero, his swift attacks gives consecutive bashes, he wouldn’t need to blind the hero as the hero wont be able to move anyway. In the end, whether you use this skill or not depends on who the enemy heroes are.

Fervor (F)

When Jah’rakal engages an opponent, his animalistic nature grants him even greater proficiency in single combat. With each continuous blow on the same target, Jah’rakal gains understanding of the prey’s defenses, and guides each strike with greater ease than the last.

Level 1 – 5% increased attack speed per attack.
Level 2 – 10% increased attack speed per attack.
Level 3 – 15% increased attack speed per attack.
Level 4 – 20% increased attack speed per attack.

• Maximum of 100% increased attack speed.
• If Jah’rakal changes targets, his rage counter drops to half of where it was.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

This used to be the 3rd skill for Beastmaster, but in my opinion, their switch of skills is for the better. When troll starts to attack, his attacks gets faster and faster, giving him more percentage chance to bash the enemy hero, much more than his older passive which was not even close to the 100% speed this skill adds.

Battle Trance (R)

Jah’rakal unconsciously uses dormant magic to awaken the savagery of every warrior on the battlefield. Greatly increases attack speed for a short duration, and lasts an additional 3 seconds on Jah’rakal.

Level 1 – Increases attack speed by 60%.
Level 2 – Increases attack speed by 100%.
Level 3 – Increases attack speed by 140%.

Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 20

• Only works on allied hero units.
• Does not affect illusions.
• 5 seconds (allies) / 8 seconds (self)

This skill works great in clashes, as not only you, but the whole team gets this massive speed bonus, also, it has a faster cooldown. It works great with his 3rd skill. With 140% boost at lvl3, 5 consecutive attacks would already give you 100% speed, it’s as if your SS never wore off.

Item Build

Core Items

At start, troll is better off with 2 wraith bands just to boost hp and damage for creeping, get mask of death then finish DOMI. Get threads soon after.

Luxury Items

After your core items, get butterfly and build either MKB or BKB, depending on NUKER enemies. Take satanic next for additional lifesteal and health boost. The last inventory spot would be good for aegis, but you can replace it with divine rapier if you are confident enough.

Quite a lot of people would disagree with satanic and debate that MoM would be better. The additional speed of this active item is quite useful, but since Troll already has two skills for additional speed, and your also planning on getting butterfly, you’ll probably already have max atk speed even without madness, it would just make you vulnerable with the additional damage you take when MoM is activated. I’ve noticed this when I was a noob with him, after butterfly and domi I would give him the rest of the slots for hyperstone. I noticed that when I used my SS, the attack speed was still the same.

Skill Build

Level 1 Berserker Rage
Level 2 Fervor
Level 3 Fervor
Level 4 Berserker Rage
Level 5 Berserker Rage
Level 6 Trance
Level 7 Fervor
Level 8 Fervor
Level 9 Berserker Rage
Level 10 Stats
Level 11 Trance
Level 12 Stats
Level 13 Stats
Level 14 Stats
Level 15 Stats
Level 16 Trance
Level 17 Stats
Level 18 Stats
Level 19 Stats
Level 20 Stats
Level 21 Stats
Level 22 Blind
Level 23 Blind
Level 24 Blind
Level 25 Blind

Berserker Rage is taken first as it will allow you to buy melee Quelling Blade to help you farm. You really need to max your fervor first but get your rage to level 3 before you reach level 6. His SS works better with 10% bash. After that max fervor, bash, then stats and SS


At start game, buy requirements for wraith band first, then some tangos. Pick the top lane for scourge and bottom lane if you are sentinel. Balance the harass and moneyshots, but make the moneyshot your priority. Aim for the mask of death asap. In these times, it would be best if you don’t go greedy and just focus on getting your items. It will be worth it later.

When you have finished building DOMI, get boots then threads. When you’ve finished this build- DOMI, THREADS, 2 WRAITH BANDS, and you’ve reached at least level 6, here comes my favourite part ^.^
Start creeping and look for the wolf with the command aura. Take over it and make it follow you. At this point, take your opportunity to go RS. Place your pet at a place where you get aura and at the same time roshan cant go near it. Attack roshan then quickly use your SS. You will probably finish with about 1/3 of your life left if he doesn’t bash you too much. After you’ve claimed the aegis, watch the flood of messages saying how imba you are, and praising you for how early you got the Aegis ^.^

Don’t go rushing in to enemies just yet! You will probably get a huge confidence boost after getting the aegis but it’s still not the time to get greedy. If you try to kill heroes, they’ll start to run everytime you get near. You wont be able to go anywhere near them, they wont allow you to. Just go farming with a liitle bit neutral creeping. Aim for Lothars.

When the enemies cant see you, they wont run away, and as soon as you pop out and use your SS, watch troll bash them like there’s no tomorrow! With threads and the bonus MS your rage gives you, it wont be hard catching up to them if they manage to run a bit.

At this point you will be killing them nonstop.

Next would be Butterfly. Once you get this item it would be like your enemies are paper! And if they are some super high hp tankers, it wont matter because they wont be able to move anyway.
Kill them more and more. Whenever you lose your aegis, don’t be afraid to go kill Roshan again, but be careful of enemy heroes taking on roshan.

Your next item should depend on whether there are many nukers or not. If the enemies consists of nukers like Lina or Lion, its better to go with BKB, if not, go with the traditional MKB. Build Satanic next for health pool boost. The last slot is up to you. You can either take divine or keep it open for aegis or maybe even Cuirass( however, im not sure if the speed of cuirass will stack, seeing that you would probably have max atk speed already from butterfly, fervor and your SS.)

Troll is one of the easiest heroes to use, especially if you have already gotten all items. His strategy will consist of no more than going invi, then hitting an enemy hero, using your SS immediately, and let your perma-bash take care of the rest.

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