Kael The Invoker Skills/ Spells Guide on 6.50 Dota-Allstars Map

Kael The Invoker Skills/ Spells Guide and Walktrough on 6.50 – 6.50b Dota-Allstars Map. This is the compiled guide about Invoker skills/spells, skills build and items build. By typing “-invokelist” in game you can see an overview of his skills.

Kael the Invoker Images

You can have 3 total orbs out at at time.Unlike any other hero in DOTA, these skills can be maxed to a level of 7. That means that Quas can give you a maximum of 15.75 +hp regen per tick, Exort can give you 21% IMS and +42% IAS, and Exort can give you a max of +63 damage.

Switching between orbs is instant cast and mana cost free, without cooldown, so feel free to mix it up by throwing on x3 Quas when your HP is low, for instance, and Wex/Exort when fighting. And unlike other heroes, Invoker gets his “ult” at level 5, although his “ult” really is only the ability to cast spells.

Orb Bonuses:

Each orb gives a special bonus when it is on active. They all scale linearly. You can have 3 orbs on you at any given point, and there are 7 levels, so 7*3=21 maximum level of power on any specific orb.

Kael skill Quas Images
Quas – 0.75 hp bonus regen per level per instance. With 3 instances of level 7 Quas you will have 15.75 hp regeneration with no additional items.

Kael skill Wex Images
Wex – 2% AS and 1% MS per level per instance. With 3 instances of level 7 Wex you will have 21% more movement speed and 42% attack speed.

Kael skill Exort Images
Exort – 3 damage per level per instance. With 3 instances of level 7 Exort you will have +63 damage.

Orb Combinations:
There are 10 combinations total. Order is not a consideration. So if you have 2 exort and 1 quas, thats all that matters, not which came first. It is more intuitive and usable than before. The abilities are based on which properties form them.

The 10 combinations are:

Kael skill Exort Images
As previously stated, this has 4 levels.. There is a new mechanic here that didn’t exist before. Its dual invokes. This is allowed on higher levels of Invoke.

Level 1: 30 CD, 20 Manacost
Level 2: 30 CD, 40 Manacost, 2 Invokes
Level 3: 15 CD, 60 Manacost, 2 Invokes
Level 4: 5 CD, 80 Manacost, 2 Invokes

Current Invoke Spells:

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full scale

EEW – Chaos Meteor:

EEW - Chaos Meteor

This is mainly fire and aoe. It travels long distance based on Wex and damages based on Exort. Deals 80/110/140/170/200/230/260 damage per second in a 300 moving area. Damage is done in 0.5 intervals, it does not damage over time on the burnt ground, only on the meteor itself as it is moving. Distance goes from 500 up to 1550. Units that get hit by this have a damage over time fire on them. The damage over time is 1/5 of what the regual damage is, and lasts 2 seconds.

Great damaging AoE spells. With proper placed spells (maybe you can combine with Ice Wall/Deafening Blast), this skill give huge damages.

Cooldown: 30
Manacost: 200



Deals damage from 120 up to 300 in a 700 area, based on Exort. same for mana loss, but based on Wex. The speed of the detonation is 4 seconds, down to 2 on max Wex. This is a target point effect, you target a location and the charge builds up there.

This skills works well if you are facing spellcaster. Unfortunately, the detonate time will make this spell easy to dodge. Combine it with some disable or in a team battle.

Cooldown: 40
Manacost: 250

WWQ – Tornado:

WWQ - Tornado

This is a long range fast moving semi-disable ability. It cyclones units in its path, then damages them when they land. Damage is from 175 to 350 based on Wex and Quas. Distance is from 700 to 3100 Wex based. Airtime is from 0.4 to 2.2 Quas based.

A great AoE disable with some nifty damage. Use it on fleeing targets, it has very long range.

Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 150

QQW – Ghost Walk:

QQW - Ghost Walk

This is a wind walk variation. You become invisible, but you move slower. Enemy units near you move slower as well. The amount you are slowed by in wind walk is Wex based from 30% to 0% and the amount the enemies are slowed is Quas based from 10% to 40%.

Use this to slow down your enemies while your allies hit them. In the early game, this skills maybe your first choice to escape ganking.

Cooldown: 60
Manacost: 300

QWE – Deafening Blast:

QWE - Deafening Blast

This is a line ability. A projectile flies and knockbacks units in its way, making them unable to attack for a period of time. Damage is Exort based, 40->280. Attack Silence duration is Wex based, from 1 to 4 seconds. Knockback duration is based on Quas, from 0.25 to 1.75. The attack silence effect starts after the knockback is done processing.

Very usefull skills for initiate and save your allies. The stun and the silence will give chance to kill before they use their spells.

Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 200

QQE – Ice Wall:

QQE - Ice Wall

Slows based on Quas, not sure how meaningful numbers are here, it needs a visual test because of the way its implemented. Its basically the same as the old Ice Wall, except instead of making you crawl to a halt instantly at level 1, it now slows based on Quas level. The duration the icewall is alive is from 3 to 10 seconds. Deals 5->30 dps based on Exort.

The slow effect is huge and if you invest in Exort early game the damage isn’t that bad either. Use it to escape from your chaser or even for chasing and ganking.

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 125

EEE – Sun Strike:

EEE - Sun Strike

Global cast range. Targets a 200 aoe area. Has 2 second cast delay. Deals aoe damage based on Exort from 75 to 450 damage. Spreads the damage over the number of units in the area.

Works like combined Zeus’s ultimate and Mirana arrows. Always look on the map for a fleeing low hp enemy and aim this spell on their path.The 1.7 delay may make you miss some kills but with a bit of practice you’ll get the hang of it.

Cooldown: 60
Manacost: 250

QQQ – Cold Snap:

QQQ - Cold Snap

Single enemy target. This causes any damage dealt to the target to create a ministun effect (0.2). Duration is based on Quas, from 3 to 6 seconds. Triggers maximum once every .7/.65/.6/.55/.5/.45/.4 seconds. 1000 cast range. Deals 25 damage per freeze.

Use it when you’re teaming with a fast atack speed hero or just want to stop a channeling spell.

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 100

WWW – Alacrity:

WWW - Alacrity

Targets an allied unit. Gives a surge of attack speed for a brief period. Lasts 5 seconds. Gives 40/60/80/100/120/140/160

Use it on your DPS allies like Mortred or even yourself.

Cooldown: 20
Manacsot: 125

EEQ – Forge Spirit:

EEQ - Forge Spirit
EEQ - Forge Spirit

Forge Spirit
Attack Range: 300/400/500/600/700/800/900 (Exort based)
Hit Points: 300/400/500/600/700/800/900 (Exort based)
Damage: 29/38/47/56/65/74/83 (Exort based)
Mana Base: 100/150/200/250/300/350/400 (Quas based)
Duration: 20/30/40/50/60/70 (Quas based)
Armor: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (Quas based)

Mana Regen: 4
Movement Speed: 320

Melting Strike
Costs 40 Mana. This is an arrow effect. It has no cooldown. Upon impact on the target, lowers armor by 1. Stacks up to 10. Effect Lasts 5 seconds from the last sucessful melting strike hit. This hits heroes only. Starts off autocasted. It has 33% magic resistance. When Quas and Exort are maxed out, it spawns 2 instead.

The armor reduction will be a free Stygian for you. Use it with Ghost Walk or Cold Snap.

Summon Cooldown: 70
Summon Manacost: 200

Skills Build
Unlike the other heroes, Invoker skills build is unlimited. There is no best skill build. You can choose what are you want to be. It’s all depends on your teams. If you want to deal huge damage, max out Exort. Want to support your team, get Quas. Want to be a DPS, grab Wex. But don’t be greedy. If your skills build is not focused, you will likely gain nothing.

This build spins around maxing Wex and Exort early game. If you choose this build, you need some regeneration items to cover the missing Quas. You will got high damage early and attack speed-movement speed bonus from Wex. Best choice to make Invoker as DPS hero.

This build is based on maxing out Quas and Wex early on. You will got Tornado, Ice Wall and Cold Snap on your side. With so many disable, you can ganking easier. You won’t have problems holding your lane since you’ll achieve more regeneration with Quas.

The most common skills build. Quas ensure enough regeneration to keep you on your lane without any other items, while Exort gives you the posibility to last hit easier. This build also assures early access to Ice Wall to save you from chaser. If you are still not feel safe, get one point of Wex to access Ghost Walk.

Items Build
Invoker items build is really depends on your skill build. But basically, Invoker need mana regeneration and stats (since he doesn’t have it). If you are going to be a DPS, get MKB. If you want to be a support, get Gynsoo and Shiva’s Guard. You can cover stats and mana by getting Linken’s. Still looking for the ideal build for him tough. Do you have any suggestion? Let’s discuss it here 🙂

Spells Combo

The biggest problem when you are using Invoker is the limit of the spell you can invoke. With 2 maximal invoke’s spells, you must choose and combine the right spells for better result. For optimal result, invoke the 2 spells you want to use and then prepare your next orb combination. Therefore, after spend your spells, you can immediately Invoke another spells quickly. 4 spells combo is possible, but need a lot of practice.

If you’re still having difficulties memorize the spells, you can print this great card diagram from Anura. Click the image to view the full size and then you can print it 🙂

Invoker Skills

Ice Wall/Emp
Anti caster combo. Sneak behind enemy lines with Ghost Walk and Ice Wall them then quickly Emp next to the wall. Creates confusion and limits their nuking posibilities.

Chaos Meteor/Defeaning Blast
Nuking combo, use the Deafening blast to keep your enemies under your meteor.

Cold Snap/Alcatry/Forged Spirits
Use this combo when you are teaming with some nuker/high atack speed hero. If you have MKB you’ll see a lot of short stuns and the Forged Spirit acts like a Stygian Desolator ensuring that he’ll feel hurt.

Tornado/Sun Strike
Cast Tornado and then cast Sun strike at the location when Tornado almost ends. Assures a high damage combo.

Cold Snap/Ice Wall/Tornado/EMP
Use it on ganking and chasing. Don’t use them Tornado immediately after Ice Wall. Wait until the slow effect is gone and then whack them with it.

Tornado/Chaos Meteor/Def Blast/EMP
Another Nuking Combo. Use meteor just after the effect of tornado is off, follow swiftly with Defeaning Blast. Need some practice to do it quickly.

Cold Snap/Ghost Walk/Forged Spirits
Use your Ghost Walk to keep your spirits landing some nice hits. Works great when you have Radiance and you already cast Cold Snap on the target.

You can give correction and feedback if i made some mistake. Since this hero is still new and need more trial, you can also add another skill and combo if you found any. Any correction and suggestion are welcome. The credits will given to you as always 🙂

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